Some Things We Learned in Michigan

Author | Steve

We’ve been silent on our blog for a little while as God has given us the opportunity to explore northern Michigan. It has been a blessed time for us as a family and with some of our closest friends on the planet – the Rossow and Hein families. Here are some things we learned about ourselves and our God as He showed us this stunningly beautiful part of His creation:

We still need Jesus every day!

As we headed out the first day – sun shining, flowers blooming, an adventure set in front of us – we were in one foul mood! The more we noticed each other’s foulness, the worse it got…until we remembered our Shepherd and prayed to Him for His forgiveness and strength, and He sent us His Spirit to replace our “Funky Skunk” foul moods. Thank You, Jesus!


A picture is worth a thousand words…but doesn’t tell the whole story.

Just because the picture looks like the emerald waters of the Caribbean, doesn’t mean it feels like the Caribbean! Brrrrrrr, Lake Michigan!


Jesus has given us some tremendous friends!

We couldn’t imagine life without them, and life with them is just so much sweeter. This does not happen on accident. First, it is purely a gift of God. But it also takes a lot of humility, patience, forgiveness, and prayer.


Michigan fudge and bacon have made my pants shrink.

That is all.


They make up words up here!

While visiting Mackinac Island (which is actually pronounced “Mackinaw” by the locals), we found this little doozy: “Colonial Michilimackinac”. I have no idea what that means, but I’m going with Jamie’s pronunciation: “Colonial Michilinicknackpadiwackgiveadogabone”!


God is daily pursuing us with His love

…and we are noticing this more often than we did before.


Ellie’s “My Thankful List”

The Spirit continues to prepare us for each day and for what is next.

We don’t have a real clear picture of what is next for the Wiechman clan. Through conversations, times of prayer and being in God’s Word, Jesus keeps showing us what we need just one day at a time, and He is slowly revealing some ideas about future life and ministry with Him (to see what He has been doing in us in this regard, check out our last post “Family Update #3” at the very end).


We pray that Jesus continues to reveal Himself to you and your family as you drop your nets to trust and follow Him. It won’t be what you would have planned…it will be far better!


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