A 7-Yr-Old’s Faith

Author | Ellie

We asked our youngest, Ellie [7], some questions about what God is doing in our lives right now. This is what she said.

What’s the hardest part about leaving on our Trust Adventure?

The hardest part for me is leaving my friends and CrossPoint (my church), because I might not get to see them for a really long time. That makes me sad, and kind of scared that we won’t get to see them. But God has given us time to be with our friends lately. He hasn’t made us rush. We even had a big party on Sunday where we got to play with our friends a lot.

Where do you see God in this change?

One thing where I see God in this change is that my Dad will be spending more time with us and we can play with him and talk with him more, because usually he is away at work, and on his days off he has work to do at the house. I’m also excited about getting to see cousins and friends and other family that we don’t see a lot. Another thing is that I see God helping people who are poor by giving them our stuff that we are giving away. And we get to have a garage sale, which we have never done – so that is fun too! It’s actually fun getting rid of our things, because when we have less, its easier to decide what to do. And, me and my sister’s room is usually messy, and we don’t like that, so with less toys it won’t get as messy.

What is your prayer about our Trust Adventure?

God, help us not be scared about leaving our friends and church. Help us be able to see them again and have fun on our Trust Adventure. Help us not get frustrated when we are packing up all our stuff. Especially since it’s just after Christmas, help us not be sad about giving a lot of our things away. God, help me trust you with all of this.

2 thoughts on “A 7-Yr-Old’s Faith

  1. Very well said, Ellie!. I am praying that your family finds new purpose for their lives. Maybe that means that you will be hanging on God’s every Word. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.


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