Uganda Prayer Request

Author | Steve

This is just a brief word about our trip to Uganda.

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Jamie and I are heading to Uganda with Women of the Pearl ministries this week and next. We will be there with numerous other groups at the dedication of the first(?) Lutheran seminary in the country. We would deeply appreciate your prayers for us, and especially for our kids while we are gone.

Thank you to the small village of people who will be taking care of our kids while we are gone! You are amazing people! Thank you also to the many people who financially helped us to get back to Uganda this time (Jamie and Gabby went last summer on our dime). We especially thank the people of Christ the Redeemer Lutheran Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma!

When we get back, we will update you. Please pray that we would be alert to God’s Spirit, pliable in His hands, humble in our posture, and leaning every moment on Jesus.

To God be the glory!

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