Family Update #7

Author | Steve

 “Update” might be promising a little too much, but here goes…

We moved a little further west of Tomball (still a Tomball address), as we seek to trust Jesus with this partnership in mission and ministry with the Meissner family and the good people of Lifebridge Church in Cypress, Texas.

Other than joining our two families (Meissners & Wiechmans) under one roof for an undetermined amount of time (that’s an amazing, crazy…and apparently distressing [for some] story for another time), the greatest challenge is figuring out how to start this new ministry to Christian leaders and their families [read about this new ministry in our blog “New Endeavors”] which God has put on our heart. He continues to faithfully send gifted people at just the right time to help us take a few more steps forward in this endeavor. There are a lot of partnerships to form and figure out, but it appears that this ministry will get off the ground sometime in 2017, God willing. As Jesus sends us people in ministry to pray with and encourage we do our best to find time to pour into them and help them see Him and His kingdom. Some day soon we hope to do this on a more regular and intentional basis.

God has been incredibly faithful in shaping and blessing our kids during this new season of life! All four kids got to go to summer camp at Camp Lone Star in LaGrange, Texas – the first time for a camp experience for the younger two. Austin also had the privilege to attend the National Youth Gathering in New Orleans with our good friends at Peace Lutheran Church in Hurst, Texas. On top of all this, Jesus dropped brand new friends in our lap through Jamie’s counseling program who taught all four of my kids how to drive a four-wheeler through the woods, and even gave Austin and JJ a chance to fly a plane!

I know it’s not much of an update, but so many of you have been praying for us and I wanted to send something out after such a long silence. I’ve really felt like God has invited us to be quiet for the past couple of months, pouring ourselves into these new relationships and into taking one step at a time toward what is next. He has been opening door after door for us to trust Him and follow Him into an amazing future of good-news-ministry, especially for leaders and spouses on the front lines.

My hope is that in October we will be able to share more details about what Jesus is inviting us to be a part of. Until then, will you please pray that God will give us eyes to see Him, courage to follow Him, and strength to not be swayed by what people think (good or bad). Will you pray that the grace and freedom of Jesus would fuel our family for the days and months ahead? Thanks so much!

Drop those nets…Jesus is inviting you on an adventure of faith.

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