Family Update #6

Author | Steve

“May the favor of the Lord our God rest upon us;
establish the work of our hands for us –
yes, establish the work of our hands.”
~ Psalm 90:17

It has been quite a few months since we have given a more general family update. So here it is:

We continue to live in Tomball, Texas by the grace of God. We had quite the flood back in April, but our little home endured, water rushing under it (it’s up on concrete blocks) but not into it. Many people in Houston were not as fortunate.


When the flood hit, everything from our house to the building across the street was under water…4 inches in the church across the street!

In February, Jesus introduced us to the people who are becoming the answer to much prayer about the next chapter of life and mission and ministry for our family: Pastor Michael Meissner and Lifebridge Lutheran Church. I have just accepted a 4-month contract to help Lifebridge navigate some awesome new ministry opportunities in hopes of forming a longer partnership in the gospel in the coming months.

This is giving us the opportunity to start a new ministry to serve and encourage Christian leaders and their families through a retreat-style ministry that offers care, sabbath-rest, and training. You can read more about that in our last post: New Endeavors.

Here’s what’s going on in the Wiechman clan:

Jamie | Jamie started graduate school in March seeking her masters in counseling through Huntington University in Indiana. She is loving her classes and the challenge of high-level learning again. She continues to homeschool our four children (admittedly she will miss Steve teaching some of the classes as he heads back to work), though summer break is coming! Please keep her in your prayers as her back has started causing her a little trouble again.

Austin | Austin got his learner’s permit and I am teaching his driver’s ed. Pray for us! Seriously though, it’s a lot of fun. He has been teaching himself programming languages. He even bought some on-line classes with his own hard-earned money. He’s currently building a website to start his own web-site service company. Austin has a busy summer ahead as he heads to camp in June, to a spiritual formation weekend with me and his mother in late June, and then to the National Youth Gathering in New Orleans in July.

Austin flag

His creation for the Peace auction to help raise money to go to the National Youth Gathering.

Gabby | Gabby is always on the go. Her bakery business that she started with her best friend keeps her busy (and keeps her mother a little crazy). She picks up little odd jobs all over the place. She is headed to camp in June and is helping with at least one VBS this summer…but knowing her, she’ll end up helping with more! She’s also going to attend a workout camp in the summer that her cousin is leading for the first time since getting trained.


The girls with their new “best friend”!

JJ | JJ knows no strangers. When we first moved to Tomball we had numerous boys his age in our neighborhood. Suddenly, almost everyone of them moved. But God has sent him a new friend, so he’s back in business! He’s excited about going to summer camp for the first time with the rest of his siblings. He’s been doing a lot better since we got the basketball goal up in one of the backyard trees and his new friend loves to play legos!


Basketball with Dad in the backyard!

Ellie | Miss Ellie keeps pitching in wherever and whenever. She loves to help cook and clean, and she’s always trying to get the family to play a game together. Her and JJ have been helping Daddy grow some backyard vegetables. Ellie is also looking forward to her first summer camp experience in June.

Thanks for following our story, and especially to those of you who keep us in your prayers. The next 6-12 months will have a lot of big changes for us (kinda like the last four years)! Would you pray for our faith to remain strong? Pray for Jesus to give us courage and grace and wisdom as we move into this new chapter of life with Him. Pray that we would trust Him above all things. Thanks.

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