Recognizing the Surprise

Author | Josiah

(Josiah [9] shared the following about how he has seen God at work in our Trust Adventure so far. – Ed.)

I think we will recognize the works of God where we don’t see it when we have more stuff. So like when we get more money usually we don’t recognize that God gave it to us. But now, because we will have less money and things, we will notice more how stuff gets to us.

About a week ago I had used my money to buy a 200-pack of Tic-Tacs, so I gave my friends some, and they took some more than I gave them. I was sad and really worried because I only had about ten or fifteen left and I didn’t have a lot of money to buy more. Then I went to my bedroom and I was looking in my desk drawer and I saw like five or six Tic-Tacs in my drawer. This helped me see that there might be more times like this and make me be surprised by God. It helped me believe that God will even care about the little things.

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