Profoundly Simple

Author | Steve

Our family blog started a little over a year ago when, at God’s invitation, we left our old way of doing life. Maybe you are convinced there is no god, or if there is, he’s surely out of touch. Maybe you are angry at God. Or maybe, like me, you want so badly to believe that God is both loving and all-powerful, but the circumstances of life keep drowning out His voice.

Today is Easter – the day billions of people around this earth celebrate God coming in love and in power. It’s the day that Jesus, having humbled Himself to the point of a brutal and shameful death on a cross, rose victoriously from the dead. The profound truth of Easter is that God does not remain far away from the messiness of your world – He enters into it. He’s not clinical in His closeness, mask over His mouth, hands protected by sterile gloves, dressed in a white smock to keep Himself pure – He embraces you at your ugliest and most diseased, taking your shame and darkness into Him. He’s not impotent on the cross – He’s the power of sacrificial love, laying down His life for you of His own will. Nails don’t hold him to the cross – His own love for you holds Him to the cross. But then death cannot hold Him, for He lives today!

The simple truth of Easter is this: In sending Jesus, God knows you more intimately than you know yourself, loves you more deeply than anyone possibly can, and is more powerful than your greatest enemies – even your own mind that accuses you and death that waits unflinchingly for you.

May the profound simplicity of this love find you today, putting your old way of life to death, and raising you to a whole new way of living in freedom, in extravagant generosity and in great hope!

He is risen! And so are you!

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