Ordinary and Extraordinary

Author | Steve

Jesus Doesn’t shame Our Ordinary or Extraordinary…He Shows Up in Both

One of the myriad discoveries for me of the last year has been the interplay between trusting and following Jesus in both the ordinary and the extraordinary. There’s no shortage of articles, blogs, books, movies (you name it) about doing something crazy or unique to kill your energy for the daily callings of life. On the other hand are all kinds of articles, blogs, books and tweets about how spiritual it is to live faithfully in the mundane (and, either spoken or unspoken, is how unspiritual it is to do anything extraordinary or different). I don’t know what to do with all this, but I can share from my experience of what Jesus has been doing in my family. I see Jesus inviting us to receive His gifts and His faithfulness in both the ordinary and the extraordinary.

I see Jesus inviting us to receive His gifts and His faithfulness in both the ordinary and the extraordinary.

Ordinary Gone Wrong Needs God’s Extraordinary

Some people get comfortable in the ordinary parts of life; so comfortable they cruise along without a thought of God, or a need for Him. Quite honestly, I wasn’t comfortable in my ordinary life. Instead, I was crumbling under the weight of trying to plan and hold my life together without much need for Jesus. To need Him regularly was somehow weakness. That’s when Jesus, in His unfathomable love for me, invited me into something extraordinary. Someone who counseled me early in this time of foolish discipleship called it “a radical kingdom shift.” I needed it. My family needed it. We had become complacent in our relationship with Jesus, so in His compassion He shook up our world to draw us closer to Himself.

We had become complacent in our relationship with Jesus, so in His compassion He shook up our world to draw us closer to Himself.

My experience in the church tells me that a lot of believers are on cruise control, not secure in their faith, but either working really hard to try to hold it together on their own, or just simply waiting for life after death. My prayer is that their faithful Lord will do something extraordinary in their life to free them from this bondage. Eternal life with Jesus starts here. Now. We don’t have to keep trying to make life happen on our own until Jesus comes back; and we don’t have to just sit around eating potlucks and doing nothing until He comes back. His Spirit is with us now, filling us with everything we need for life and godliness.

God’s Extraordinary Propels Us Back into the Ordinary

These days, Jesus is graciously and patiently inviting my family and me back into ordinary life with Him. But ordinary life looks different now. Jesus is inviting us to live out the extraordinary gifts He has given us over the past few months: a clearer picture of Him and His love for us, a heightened awareness of our need for Him, a quicker desire to confess to and forgive one another, a freedom to trust His provision and follow Him without a plan, even if we look foolish to those around us. Ordinary life has been transformed by His extraordinary grace, shown to us both in His cross and resurrection, and in His faithful pursuit of us – including His willingness to shake up our world this last year.

I don’t know if Jesus is inviting you to drop your nets and follow Him into something crazy, or pick them up and follow Him into your regular routines. But either way, whether in the ordinary or the extraordinary, He is faithful to lead you to Himself and to the fruits of life with Him: perseverance, joy, hope, grace, peace! Don’t worry about what others think…watch Him. He’s faithful, and He will do it!


P.S. – We’ve discovered that ordinary life, lived out of God’s extraordinary leading and providing, often looks and feels very different. We used to be afraid to be different, but Jesus is changing our heart about that. We see Him not only giving us gifts the world can never give (like peace and hope and courage), but we see Him giving us great opportunity to invite others into this kind of life with Him. Different is good!

3 thoughts on “Ordinary and Extraordinary

  1. Hello, Steve and Jamie. I was so happy to have met you at the Extrodinary events last weekend. Jamie your words have stayed with me since our embrace… still unsure what the message ment, but i’ m lustening. :), Blessings to you and your extra-ordinary family, gina


    • Gina, We had such a great time meeting you! As Journey would say, “Don’t stop believin’!” O.K….that was cheesy, I know. Anyhoos, great to meet you and hope God has our paths cross again some day soon! Peace. ~ Steve


    • Gina, you have such a gift for noticing people and an ability to draw them in and make them feel important. I’m thankful to have been a recipient of that. I trust God to make himself clear as you are listening for him. I know he is delighted to have you as his daughter. You’re pretty special. 💜


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