About Us


A tangled mess.

That’s what life was. OK, not all the time, but my heart and spirit were burdened most days, and I felt stuck…trapped.

I thought I was trapped by the actions of others and circumstances beyond my control. I was wrong. I was stuck in a net of lies that I was willingly believing about myself, about the world around me, and, most importantly, about God.

That’s when God invited me, along with my cautiously optimistic family, to be untangled – to drop the nets that were binding us from real love, from real life, from real freedom. It felt like we were leaving everything safe with a high probability of landing flat on our faces.

So in January of 2015 I resigned my position as a pastor in the church we were serving in Katy, Texas. We sold our home and gave away or sold most of our possessions. Then we loaded everything we owned into a ten-foot cargo trailer, piled our family of six into our Suburban, and started following Jesus into the great unknown, trusting He would untangle our hearts and our spirits along the way.

And here we are now flat on our faces – not because Jesus dropped us, but in worship of Him who has unstuck us and shown us real love, real life and real freedom. We are learning to be rich on far less than we thought we needed. We are learning to be attentive to the blowing of His Spirit. We are learning to trust Jesus to set us free, each day, each moment – free to laugh from deep within, free to sacrifice everything to share His love, free to sing with gusto, free to forgive wrongs and admit them too, free to not know what’s next and still take steps in faith, free to look and sound foolish to a world who’s wisdom doesn’t deliver.

We hope our story helps you see through the clutter of nets that strangle life – to see the simple, yet profound love of the Creator of the universe for you. Maybe our story will help you drop your nets and take a leap of faith with Him!

~ Steve Wiechman


11 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Steve, Jaime and family. I just wanted to tell you that I really admire your passion and commitment in your beliefs. The courage it must have taken to embark on something so life changing, is a clear indication of the devotion you must feel. I look forward to reading about your journey, and all the stories your family will have, and share. Good luck and safe travels. Love, cousin Patty.


    • Patty,
      Great to hear from you. At the beginning we felt like we were stepping off a cliff. Today we feel like we are stepping off a curb. God has been so faithful in this journey and has shown us amazing things and people in the short amount of time we have been doing this. We pray that what we are learning about Him will help others break free from things that keep them from seeing and believing and trusting Jesus – not by quitting their jobs, selling their homes and hitting the road (unless God calls them to it), but by truly questioning the things that seem so unchanging and asking God to break them free from them to experience and trust Him in a new way!
      Love you!


  2. Please keep me posted on your journey. I wish you the best our Lord and God has to offer on your family’s journey. I find it very interesting and inspirational. Keep me on you mailing list. Thanks for sharing your journey. My God bless you all.


  3. Simply Amazing, what you and your family have done, I have been following your journey most of this year !
    God has clearly given you vision
    On your journey and has shown you
    True faith may he continue to bless all of you!!!


  4. Steve, Jamie, kids, I emailed Karen today and she sent me this link, WOW you guys are really inspiring. I have another friend you may know or not from St.Mark who is now turned a writer and has published a number of Christian books that pose questions of life. He went to the Holy Land once and is now preparing to return. I will get you guys blogs together. Mark Cornelius and his wife Pattie live in Franklin Tn. as of now. I will send him your contact info. Blessings to you as you are starting the second year living like no one else dares walking your faith.


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