Follow Us at Our New Site

Thank you to all who have followed our blog and our story. We have not written much in the last couple years, but we intend to start writing again. If you are interested in following our new blog, please go to and look for the blue wordpress button on the right side of the page. It’s our ministry blog where we will write about our discoveries, our wrestling, encouragement, and other musings about God, faith, and the Church. Thanks for honoring us by allowing us to share our story with you.

~ Steve, Jamie, Austin, Gabby, Josiah, and Ellie

2 thoughts on “Follow Us at Our New Site

  1. Hey Steve & Jamie,

    Thanks for the update, and I trust y’all are doing well.

    For your retreats, there may be an opportunity to partner with another ministry that I’m involved with — Voice of Wilderness.

    We have a large cabin and base camp north of Pagosa Springs, Colorado where we have pastor’s retreats and other Christian outdoor trips. Chet Russel (cc’d) is the founder and ministry leader. There may be an opportunity to partner together. If there’s interest to explore ideas, I can connect you and Chet (spends winters in The Woodlands).

    Let me know if you have any questions.

    Blessings, Scott Funderburk


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