New Endeavors

Author | Steve

We can finally share some of the details of what Jesus has been up to with us in the past three months. So here goes…

Uganda Be Kidding Me!

When we returned from Uganda, we thought we would have clarity on what God was calling us to next. As a family, we had spent the entire month before we left the country to intentionally seek God in prayer. When we came home, we were more uncertain than ever! Was Jesus calling us to move to Uganda for a season? Was He inviting us to start a whole new ministry right here in Texas?

A Desperate Prayer

One particularly hard morning, as Jamie and I were laying our hearts bare to Jesus, Jamie prayed, “Jesus, we need some people in the flesh, right here in front of us, who can help us take our next step.” At that, Jamie left to take the kids to an ice-skating party. She was not particularly excited about having to go, especially as we were struggling to know what to do next.

On that very same morning, Michael, a pastor of a church only twenty minutes from our house, was loading his kids into his truck to go to the same ice-skating party. Within minutes of Jamie’s desperation prayer, she and Michael were talking about a dream that God had been growing in us and a dream that God had been growing in him and some other people at the church he serves – LifeBridge in Cypress, Texas.

That very night, we sat in his home with a small group of about twelve adults and a lot of kids. What has transpired in the intervening three months is nothing short of miraculous!

A New Church Home

I can’t tell that story well here – it really is one to be told in person. What I can tell you is that LifeBridge Lutheran Church in Cypress, Texas has become our new church home. They have also asked us to help them during an exciting time in their history. I have accepted a 4-month contract to help them navigate the beginning of some big actions, like building their first building, looking to build a pre-school, and looking to build a Mission House.


Our hoped-for goal is that this is the beginning of a much longer partnership in the gospel of Jesus…one that leads to new endeavors!

A New Ministry

One of the really awesome parts of all this is it allows Jamie and me to start a ministry that God has laid on our hearts. For quite some time God has been breaking our hearts for Christian leaders and their families, especially church-workers, lay-leaders and missionaries. Our desire is to share gospel-rest and gospel-healing in tangible ways with these people who give so much to share the gospel with others (just like Westwood Ministries has done for us). God has actually given us numerous opportunities to do this already over the past sixteen months. Our mission is:

Joining God by coming alongside Christian leaders, their families and ministries to cultivate health, renewal and transformation in the Kingdom of God

The next few months we will be pouring ourselves into our new church family at LifeBridge – Cypress. As we do, we see God forming a unique partnership that will give us a place and a means to start this new ministry of Christian care, Sabbath rest, and family & ministry training for Christian leaders and their families.

There is so much to tell! But not quite yet.

Partner with Us

If you are interested in getting in on the ground floor with us, and partnering to make this new ministry to God’s servants and their families happen…please get in touch with us and we will send you some more detailed information about what Jesus is laying before us and how you can join us.

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    • Thanks Sandi. Can you send me your e-mail through the reply section at the end of this blog post? It goes straight to my inbox, nowhere else. I’ll send you something that shares in a little more detail what is happening. Hope this finds you and your family well.


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